Obama: A Secret Muslim OR Just A Politician?

Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu,

Much speculation has arisen about the notion that U.S. President Barrack Obama could possibly be a ‘secret Muslim’. This theory has always been around since even before he began running for president, however belief in this theory grew only stronger following his most recent statements concerning the ‘ground zero mosque’ situation stating his support and backing for the mosque. The belief that Obama is actually a ‘secret Muslim’ can be found both within the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. However we must ask, does a statement such as the one made by Obama really make him a Muslim or does it just make him a politician?

The first point we should look at is history. American Presidents, especially in the modern era, have often showed support to Muslims and Muslim organizations if and if only there is a risk of constitutional values, or rather they a risk of America looking very bad in the international spotlight. Bill Clinton while he neglected to provide any real military or other forms of physical support to the Muslims in Bosnia he still remained as very loud voice in the condemnation of the Serbian aggression and genocide against Bosnian Muslims

Ronald Regan who today has become the poster boy of many far right wing conservatives was not only an open vocal supporter to the Taliban and other Muslim groups during their fight against Soviet Russia, but he even sent over government and private agencies to help provide material support in the fight.

Even the second president of the U.S., Thomas Jefferson, owned a Qur’an and studied from it while in university and is said to have derived many aspects of law and conduct of war from it.

Now all of this does not mean that they necessarily respected Islam or Muslims in their entirety, as the other actions in their career proved quite well that would harm Muslims just as soon as they would defend them, but it does show that this pattern of ‘love and hate’ is common within U.S. Presidents in their relationship with Islam and Muslims and is a useful diplomatic strategy.  Obama is not a ‘secret Muslim’, because the proof for such claims is nothing other than a repetitive diplomatic strategy used by those U.S. Presidents who came before him. Based on this ‘proof’ than Clinton, Regan, Jefferson, and every other president who ever showed support to Muslims must be ‘secret Muslims’ as well.

The second point I want to make is more so a preventive response to the common argument that Obama is a Muslim based on his speech in Cairo in 2009 in which he addressed the Muslim world. Now the speech itself is just as I stated above, a diplomatic effort to keep under control the one group of people and the one belief system that can be an end to American fascism and tyranny, so there is no need to address that aspect of the speech rather only one line needs attention turned to. Within the speech Obama quotes a hadith. For whatever reason this was a shock and awe for Muslims around the world that a human being other than a Muslim would be able to successfully do a little bit of research and quote a hadith. This is not a substantial proof for the claim that Obama is a Muslim, the proof for this is found above when I spoke shortly about Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson not only read the Qur’an, but derived beliefs and ideas from it and incorporated them into what would become the republican wing of American politics. Simply because a person knows a little something about Islam does not make them a Muslim.

My final point and conclusion is that Obama is not a Muslim, just another politician trying to hold a country together as it slowly falls apart. ‘Showing support’ is not a declaration of faith, so until Obama says Ash Hadu ila ilaha il’Allah wa Ash hadu ana Muhammadan ar’RasulAllah (There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is The Messenger of Allah), he remains as a disbeliever. I understand however why so many Muslims would believe this, why so many would want to believe this. We are a people in suffering, a people in need, a people in search of some kind of hope that can lift us out of the darkness of this dunya. However relief from these things will not come from the politicians, but rather through the revival of this deen al-Islam in every aspect of it. So let us begin to focus on that and put aside the theories and speculations, Insha’Allah.


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