About Us

Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu,

Welcome to the official knowledge base of The Nur uz Zamaan Institute, Sayf al Haqq. On this website you will find numerous amounts of material, tools, links, and much more that can be utilized in the seeking of authentic Islamic knowledge.

We derive our name from the great reviver and reformer of Islam, Shehu Usman Dan Fodio raheema’Allah ta’alaa. Sayf al Haqq was one of his many names and was given to him through a vision of The Prophet Muhammad (saw) among many other names, titles, and responsibilities. The Shehu was a scholar, a warrior, a peace maker, a merchant, and a leader establishing The Sokoto Caliphate in West Africa after reviving Islam within the hearts and minds of the people and waging Jihad (i.e. struggle; war) against the Tyrants of the land. As was our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), the Shehu was a mercy to mankind and brought peace and stability to a region infamous for war and chaos, it was done through his methodology of walking every step in the foot steps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). His jamaat and methods have lived on till this day.

We encourage all seekers of knowledge to utiliza the material provided and to assist us in spreading the works presented on this site as an effort to revive authentic Sunni Islam. Also we encourage everyone to keep on the look out and join our mailing list so that you may see the ‘Revival of Sunnah’ magazine, produced by The Nur uz Zamaan Institute. For any questions or concerns, you can direct them towards the website’s admin at our contact us page.

– JazakAllahuKhair, Abdullah Ali al Amin
The Nur uz Zamaan Institute