Ramadhan Announcements

Asalaamu Alaikum, The official position of The Nur uz Zamaan jamaat is that the first night of Taraweeh will begin on Wednesday (August 11th) and the first day of fasting will begin on Thursday (August 12th). JazakAllahuKhairun and let us make our intentions pure insha’Allah ta’alaa Ameen!!! Ramadhan Mubarak Ya Muslimeen!!!


Philadelphia Is Bleeding By Haneefah Muslimah



Philadelphia is bleeding, leaking thru its jugular vein. The children are now the mothers, and the fathers have been slain.

The ones left aren’t crying because the drugs have numbed the pain, wandering through these streets it seems we cannot stop the rain.

The Ummah is divided no one here to sow the gaps, the brothers killing brothers and write about it in their raps.

You cannot leave your home unless your adequately strapped, for the shoot out during Dhuhr while the young boys play their craps.

And what about the babies they just wanted to play in their lawn, and what about the righteous who prostrate way before its dawn, who are up until its late praying and do not sleep or care to yawn, what do we tell the mothers when their babies are long gone?

Philadelphia is bleeding, and I don’t know what to do, because it seems to me the occupants just do not have a clue.

And its sad to even say it but what’s more sad is its true, instead of being loyal to your Lord they say their loyal to their crew.

Muslims shunning Muslims, yet their friendly to disbelievers, everyone’s telling lies competing to be the best deceiver, while the women raise the men, hiding scars given from the one that beat her.

Maghrib is coming in and we’ve already lost three lives. The sisters want a divorce because he’s not just to all his wives, he doesn’t have the money and he cannot split the time, so now muslimah’s out past Isha, working ready to lose her mind.

The women no longer know what it means to have humility, the men they love pleasure, but run from responsibility.

And the only excuse they give is “this is what my environment did to me.” But you wouldn’t have time for the streets if you were in the Masjid diligently, consistently, and willfully.

Give no Sadaqa say you hurting,….

….but you keep a bottle of Bourbon,….

….keep that dutch filled and at arms reach,….

….and no one practices what they preach!

Im so tired and if I was like them I’d be one of the one’s leaving.

But I don’t run this is where Im from, but Philadelphia is bleeding…….

Muslims at McDonalds

A well done hilarious realistic skit by The Academy of Essential Knowledge youth. Keep up the good work young brothers.

Tonight (August 6th) Pre-Ramadhan Conference

Tonight (August 6th) Insha’Allah ta’alaa at Masjid Birr Wa Taqwaa (23 South 53nd Street, Philadelphia PA) The Nur uz Zamaan Institute will be hosting a ‘Pre Ramadhan Conference’ to prepare the community for Ramadhan which is less than a week away. Bring your families and friends and prepare yourself for this sacred and holy month. The speakers will be Imam Haneef Abdul Ali, Imam Naim Abdullahi, Imam Khalil Abdullahi. All information is on the flier below. JazakAllahuKhairun.

Qur’an, Sunnah, & Ijmah: The Proofs & Obligation of Following Them

Qur’an, Sunnah, and Ijmah….have you ever wondered why Islam has put such a heavy emphasis on these three specific things, what are the proofs for our reason to follow them, what is our obligation to them? The Nur uz Zamaan Institute presents a short by in depht treatise by Imam Khalil Abdullahi that gives ‘an outlook’ on Qur’an, Sunnah, and Ijmah and explains the proofs fort hem as well as our obligation to follow them.

As well the book focuses on the etiquette of the believers during Ramadhan and the sacred fast. Overall it is an excellent read for the new Muslim and even those who have embraced the faith for some time.


The Official Launch of The Sayf al Haqq Site

Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu,

Al hamdulillah we are happy to announce that the Sayf al Haqq website is officially up, running, and fully operational. The Sayf al Haqq site will act as a knowledge base for The Nur uz Zamaan Institute. Constant updates, events, announcements, daily articles, etc. will be posted on the site as well as news for members of The Nur uz Zamaan jamaat. It will act as a newsletter and be the host of our monthly or bi-monthly magazine entitled ‘Ihya as Sunnah’ or The Revival of Sunnah.

Spread the word and assist us by spreading the material on the site. All praise is to Allah subhana wa ta’alaa and we ask Him to assist in our endeavor to revive the authentic Sunni teachings of Islam, Ameen!

– Abdullah Ali al-Amin

The Nur uz Zamaan Institute